I am a skilled self-taught PHP developer with years of experience writing scalable code for high-traffic websites. I am a passionate advocate for automated testing and continuous integration tools. I am proficient with LAMP/LEMP stacks, HTML, Javascript, CSS, PHPUnit, Jenkins, Git, SVN, Docker, and SSH, among others. I am passionate about the technologies I use and am always eager to share that passion and learn more.


I have excellent skill with:

  • PHP
  • Javascript
  • WordPress
  • HTML and CSS
  • Git

I have adequate skill with:

  • Sass (scss)
  • PHPUnit
  • Docker
  • Laravel
  • Behat/Gherkin

I am currently teaching myself:

  • Rancher
  • Phalcon/Zephir
Professional Experience
In the Cloud
Lead Web Engineer
  • I wrote highly scalable PHP to run on websites that receive millions of views per day.
  • I worked on providing maintenance and feature development for large-scale WordPress websites.
  • I maintained and improved WP Mock.
  • I implemented and improved automated testing for our clients.
  • I leveraged Elasticsearch to improve site-wide performance for several low-performance searches across a large-scale multisite installation.
  • I worked on an internal development tool for standardizing local environments for engineers by using Vagrant and Docker to emulate production settings.
  • I acted as project lead on multiple large projects. This entailed helping determine estimates, engineer resourcing for projects, providing direct engineering advice to the client, code reviews, workflow management, and writing code for the project.
Senior Web Engineer
  • I developed excellent communication skills from working on a globally distributed team with remote clients in various time zones.
  • I wrote highly scalable PHP to run on websites that receive millions of views per day.
  • I worked on providing maintenance and feature development for large-scale WordPress websites such as
  • I wrote integrations for 3rd party web services and APIs with our websites both on the client-side (AJAX endpoints using CORS and JSONP) and server-side.
  • I built a job queue application for a client’s internal use in running time-consuming data processing routines.
  • I helped create WP Mock, a library for creating test doubles (mocks) for functional programming (as opposed to object oriented programming).
  • I successfully spearheaded an effort to integrate automated testing (PHPUnit) and continuous integration (Jenkins) into a client’s development process.
Avendi Media
Washington, DC
Lead Developer
  • I built and maintained numerous WordPress websites and web applications, both for clients and internal use.
  • I implemented BuddyPress for a network of around 400 active users.
  • I implemented 2 multilingual sites, 1 of which serves 17 countries in 8 languages.
  • I set up and managed 2 servers for testing/staging and production site hosting.
  • I built a company payment portal using Stripe to allow clients to pay with credit cards, optionally on a recurring basis.
  • I implemented a multi-stage deployment workflow for programmers using Git for version control and Capistrano for deployment.
  • I created several non-WordPress tools and applications using technologies such as the MicroMVC and Symfony2 frameworks, Bash scripts, and Python.
  • I interacted with clients in a support role, as well as throughout the sales and creative process.
Olympia NetWorks
Arlington, VA
Sole Proprietor
  • I provided web services (design, programming, etc.) as a freelancer.
  • I provided training and technical documentation for clients in use of websites and/or products developed
The Becket Fund
Washington, DC
Office Manager
Buzz Bakery and Cafe
Alexandria, VA
Shift Manager
Personal Projects
  • I maintain my own personal web server (LEMP stack).
  • I am currently working on a JSON REST API, web interface, and (eventually) mobile apps for an online recipe book.
  • I publish much of my code under an open source license on Github.
  • I have contributed code to the following open source projects: WordPress (contributor in versions 3.0, 3.1, 3.3, and 3.5), BuddyPress (contributor in version 1.5), WP CLI, MicroMVC, and PHPUnit.
Speaking Experience
WordPress DC
WordPress DC meetup group

I’ve given two lightning talks and a full presentation on various WordPress topics at the WordPress DC meetup group.

University of Dallas
Irving, TX
BA in English Literature

I graduated Cum Laude and received distinction on my comprehensive examinations.